Big longwinded bios that feel like backdoor bragging are not my thing…I am a team player and as such, I have had the privilege of working with some of the coolest, most creative people around.  Awesome hairstylist, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, art directors and of course, designers and models all of whom have given me their trust….if you like the stuff I do, you need to know that whatever it is you like was the work of a great team and that I owe whatever success I have had to them.

I actually come from the world of lighting,  I worked as a Lighting director/designer for most of my life and from that experience I fell into the job of DOP (director of photography) in the advertisement and music video business….strangely enough, I really did not find that appealing….. I only begun taking “photos” in the late 90’s and got my first “paid” gig in 2003….the rest is, as cheesy as it may sound…..history (in the making!)

I was truly lucky to have the support and mentorship of my great friends Martin Perreault and Bianca Beauchamp (whom have built quite the photographic empire), of Mario Bouchard from the latex clothing powerhouse Polymorphe and last but certainly not least, of the one person who truly changed my life, she gave me the chance to visit the world, she gave me the chance to learn from my errors and she was instrumental in all these great relationships I have built within the haircare community….Doriane Dalati,  you are the most extraordinary person I have ever met, I owe everything to you.

That being said, I hope you enjoy what it is I do…regardless of content, I have always tried to bring sexy to commercial and commercial to sexy.  I am now very much focused on the Hair&Makeup culture because I have a true admiration for that crowed.